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Welcome to our guesthouse in the heart of Provence. You will be welcomed as long-time friends and you will feel at home. Disconnect from your daily life. Here we break down the rules, destroy the barriers. Respect, freedom, tolerance, acceptance of others and their differences are the only rules. Judgment, negative criticism and stress must be left outside.

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Our guest house, a space of respect and freedom, adults only

We wish to welcome you to our Taradeau guesthouse as friends. You are all welcome regardless of your sensitivity. Our welcome is gay friendly. We are also referenced on and on At home, it is practiced respect, tolerance. We have left the hotel industry and its rules in order to create a place where everyone feels good and accepts the other with their differences, without any judgment. Clothes are also optional in recreational areas. Our house is a place where couples come to recharge their batteries. It is therefore not suitable for childcare.

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