2021 season – top start of a year of pleasures

start of the 2021 season

Farewell year 2020 so special – welcome to the 2021 season

The 2020 season has been punctuated by many events and we have, despite everything, done everything possible to make sure that you enjoy life, that happiness shines in your eyes, that you make wonderful encounters. Our little timeless paradise cocoon has never carried its name so well.

We thank all the guests who trusted us. Our house was a different place, a place where time stops but where life goes on. We hope you all felt that Zen and relaxing side that allowed you to cut with the news of the moment in order to focus on your well-being.

Season 2021 – It’s time to book for Easter

The 2021 season begins with the Approach to Easter and we promise you more and more happiness and freedom in a respectful setting of the other.

April is traditionally the month of reunion. Reunion with friends, reunion with the sun and heat. With tanning in the simplest appliance and the sun warming the bodies on the edge of the heated pool. And the delicious wines of Taradeau that will accompany our delicacies. Take advantage of this month to meet you, to find us. The conditions are exceptional and the good mood of rigor. Long live Spring.

Kesaram works a lot in the garden. He started planting in his new greenhouse. Bertrand has changed the spa shelter for comfort. Noori is true to herself, always as crisp. We are both working to fine-tune the details and follow the advice and ideas you shared with us last year.

So we’ll have a great year together. This year 2021, we hope that this wind of freedom, which is constantly blowing at the Bergerie, crosses the barriers again to flood the world again.

So remember to book safely as soon as possible

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