It’s summer, spend the day at home

flowery pool

During the high season from June to September, from noon to 6 p.m., you can enjoy plenty of delicacies while tasting the wines of our village or a cocktail of fresh leaks. Throughout the day, we prepare delicious salads, various snacks, skewers, delicious pastries and ice creams.

Here are some ideas of we serve by the pool during the summer depending on availability:

  • Peasant terrine (even pickles are locally grown and homemade)
  • Eggplant and pepper compote, candied tomato with basil and Taradeau goat
  • Raw salmon with coriander and chives and a delicious humus
  • Tikka chicken salad (gourmet chicken skewers marinated in spices

And for dessert:

  • sorbets prepared only with fresh fruit and ice cream set rich in aroma
  • Red fruit shortbread
  • traditional bressane brioche (And yes, my origins!)

The list is not exhaustive, the proposals change regularly. Never a lot of stock for ultra-fresh.

afternoon pool, summer

Long live freedom

It’s summer. It’s sunny, it’s hot. Let’s take off the shirt, take off the pants. And never too bad if you do not have a swimsuit, here everything is allowed, clothes are optional. Our house is a space of respect and freedom gay friendly. Everyone enjoys the summer as they see fit as long as they don’t disturb their neighbour.

Leave preconceived ideas in the closet. here, all origins, sensibilities, orientations rub shoulders without judgment or criticism.

A sudden urge to bathe at 3am, no problem, you have access to the pool and hot tub 24 hours a day. Just a little instruction, be discreet and don’t disturb the people who sleep.

night pool

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