hedonistic and epicurean

hedonistic naturism

Hedonist and epicurean, in search of happiness



-Hedonist: a person who believes that the search for happiness goes through the pleasures of life.

-Epicurean: person who believes that it is especially necessary to seek simple and natural pleasures.


These two definitions, hedonistic and epicurean, reflect very well our philosophy of life and therefore our home. Certainly, some people may be baffled or even disappointed. But with us, luxury is not like a beautiful television, good wifi, good soundproofing, perfection in material details. Other very numerous places exist and are more than the majority nowadays. No, here, luxury is immaterial. It’s the pleasure of breaking the rules. It is the joy of meeting people and discovering different sensibilities, life paths, personalities from all walks of life.

Above all, do not judge anyone and no one will judge you

You who discover our house, forget your prejudices, open yourself to others. You are gay, straight, any LGBT+ sensibility, libertines or not, naturists or not, no worries, you are welcome. Only one rule in the house, be open to others and respect them as they will respect you. Offensive conduct on our property cannot be tolerated. This is our only rule with the fact that everyone must accept and tolerate the other with their differences.

A place of retreat under the sun of Provence, a cocoon for hedonist

Our house is nestled in the valley of Taradeau, in the village but quiet and out of sight. it is so nice to live naked around the pool, sometimes in the house during themed stays. We love and practice naturism as an art of living, free and happy, whether in the company of people from our gay community or others. More and more free couples are knocking on our door and we are happy to welcome them. We are not, however, a libertine house. We are just a place open to any respectful and open-minded adult. Unlike the Indian culture of Kesaram, we do not have seven lives but only one. It’s up to us to bite it to the fullest without taboos or societal or religious brakes.

CARPE DIEM: Enjoy the moment

In these tumultuous times, it is so important to sometimes isolate yourself in an environment with positive waves. What’s the point of spending your time fighting for convictions instead of building together. What is the point of waging wars of power instead of spreading happiness. What is the point of gaining and always wanting more material power when the greatest wealth is the soul, respect, freedom, happiness, the pleasure of pleasing, and the pleasure of receiving happiness from the other. Isn’t love of the other more important?

hedonistic naturism

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