Guest table, the clash of cultures

Winter guest table
Winter guest table

Table set up for dinner in winter

The Guest Table, a Franco-Indian variation. In our guesthouse, the kitchen has an important place. We want you to rediscover the taste of real products. During your stay, we offer meals that reflect our culture.

Yes, we are an Indian and a Frenchman, so… we cook Indian and French. But always keeping this philosophy of “True Eating” for “True Living”. Our only pleasure is to feel yours during your meal at our guest table. Come and have a good time, forget your worries and leave with positive waves. Your meals will be accompanied mainly by delicious wines from the Taradeau winery.

India in the kitchen, an explosion of flavors by Kesaram

Kesaram arrived in France in 2014 with his culture. Among this one, South Asian gastronomy holds a big place. When two Indians meet, what are they talking about? From what they ate the day before. He loves to prepare family dishes for our guest table. We must feel the warmth of the spices we bring back from Kerala, the Indian vegetables that we grow partly on site, the fragrant teas. Its cuisine is really different from ethnic restaurants, it is sincere, fresh, true.

French culinary traditions by Bertrand

A former white toque from Lyon, Bertrand has abandoned his restaurants to devote himself to his guests. Simple, fresh, tasty dishes. No superfluous, no presentations worked, just good products. The region lends its hand. The most beautiful fruits and vegetables are produced in the village or the surrounding area. we are always looking for the best. A guest table offers no choice, trust us. A heart kitchen like it is difficult to do when the service puts pressure on the whole brigade.

Healthy cuisine based on natural and tasty products

The choice to have left the traditional and productive restaurant for confidential services served at the guest table allows us to offer you preparations without any processed or semi-finished products. Of course, we always need basic products that are not always artisanal, but we tend to exclude them as much as possible. We guarantee the contents of your plate by excluding products from the food industry as much as possible.



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