Gay: Low season specials

Gay Sheepfold

In low season, we like to pamper our community

The summer of 2023 was very gay and came to an end. Long live autumn, long live winter. During this low season, we offer our community special conditions for all online bookings with the promo code GAY.

* 20% discount on the stay (mandatory online reservation not modifiable, non-refundable)

* Our traditional stopover evening for business travelers at the rate of 98 Euros including the room, a simple meal in common and breakfast (except Friday and Saturday evening)

Sometimes we will be gay, sometimes not. Conviviality will always be required and the atmosphere will be adapted to the residents.

A gay place accepting other sensibilities

At the sheepfold, you are yourselves. Do not seek to please and therefore not to play a character. Be true and enjoy every moment to relax and forget about external constraints. We are a couple of two origins, of two styles and having two stories. We are complementary. And we are happy to welcome people of all origins to the house. Society is made up of LGBTIA++, men, women, each with his own sensitivity and way of life. Let us live together with tolerance and respect. There is so much to learn from each other, stories to share and memories to create. On the other hand, it is certain that people who are too much on the reserve may initially feel a little unsettled. Think about letting go and refocus on deeper values than materialism, self-righteousness, self-representation and ostentatious luxury. The meeting of the other makes it possible to position oneself in society.

Let’s enjoy life, forget our prejudices

Our choice was to open this house to all adults and not only to a male clientele. We believe that we must all live together and not sectorise the population. We all have something to gain from this. Only the knowledge of the other will make it possible to accept it as it is. Whether from an ethnic, sexual or religious point of view.

New Year's Day

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Our Facebook page is relatively active and we have also created a tolerant community group with over 13,000 memberships. This group is reserved for gays who accept other sensibilities as well as places with this policy. Also a generic Instagram account and another more trendy on the gay friendly naturist side

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