summer holidays, stays, afternoon pool

afternoon pool, summer

It’s summer, restrictions are moving away, let’s take advantage of the present time

After this very special spring, we are resuming our habits this summer and this period has allowed us to reflect on our performances in order to make you even more happy. We are refocusing on the essentials: human relationships, simple but so important things. We are moving even further away from the pre-established and liberticidal rules imposed by our increasingly well-thinking society, whose actions of daily life are pre-formatted and imposed under the pretext of security and protection.

Our house, after this crisis, is all the more a place where we forget the imposed figures of everyday life shaped by the media and advertising. Forget the anxiety-inducing information. Ignore the fake news that keeps going on. Be yourself. Refocus on a hedonistic pleasure without becoming selfish. We can move this world to a better world by taking pleasure in life and taking care of the people around us. There is no point in giving lessons and making the buzz. Particular attention to those around us will give much more happiness to each other than great ideological discourses not followed by acts that merely want to give lessons to others without applying them to themselves and just flatter the eugpo of the one who gives them.

A house of love, friendship and mutual respect without judgment, discrimination, comedy

You will therefore arrive at home during your stay. The house is open to you. Many of our visitors tell us that, once settled, they no longer want to come out, they feel serene. Testimonies like this touch us in the depths of our hearts. Our challenge is successful. So will your summer vacation.

We remain discreet, do not want to be invasive but always there to help you. We avoid imposing rules and prohibitions on you. Our house is a place where everyone is free, respectful and responsible. The only strict prohibition is that of judging others and not respecting them in their choices and difference.

Stay, day use, afternoon pool, dinner, takeaways, anything is possible

This spring has allowed us to think about an even more flexible offer for this summer. So we changed our status a bit and we are registered for on-site catering and take-out with the administration.

We now offer a more complete range of services while remaining in the same spirit of conviviality and a very limited number of guests:

  • Traditional Bed and Breakfast stays
  • Meals for outside customers by reservation only and on availability. The formula of the unique menu remaining topical
  • The takeaways we started during containment will be available to order throughout the year
  • Rooms on day use from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. depending on availability and fixed and single rate
  • The pool days were on reservation and according to availability, naturism of course allowed (including a drink and a towel, alcohol only in case of meals)
  • Yoga classes by Kesaram, dressed or naturists according to demand



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